Friday, December 24, 2010

A Thought for Christmas

By B. Stuart Noll All Rights Reserved
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Several hours from now the culmination of year long activity in the North Pole will erupt into frenetic outpourings of all kinds of goodies for kids of all ages. Some will be whisked away by realized dreams of what they wanted and some, sadly, will find only an 8 GB I-POD instead of the 64 GIG they were convinced they needed or deserved.

If all goes well though and tradition is upheld, the joy of giving will befall us all, no matter what Santa left under the tree! If not, there's always a next year filled with football, food and consumer fanaticism!

So, whether you were naughty or nice, I truly hope that our collective family of mankind will experience a deep and profound presence so powerful it overwhelms us with a peace that can only be explained in human terms, as LOVE!

A mysterious and magical combination of exhilaration, joy and contentment will overcome you and it will appear and remain without any association with materialism. Its presence will form in our minds and hearts, appearing without explanation. This "knowing" will manifest in the giving of our most treasured innate gifts, found only in the storeroom within. This my friends, is a gift from God and I pray, for you, that it lasts forever!

Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night!

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Martha said...

What if you've been Naughty?